Why You Should Consider Senior Apartments

10 February 2020
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When people get older, it's not uncommon for them to move out of their homes. Often, this might happen due to the death of a spouse, reduced mobility, or not being able to care for an entire home. Whatever the case may be, if you are an older adult and are in this situation, know that you have lots of options for where you will live. One of the best is a senior apartment home. Read More 

Are REO Properties Still A Good Investment?

3 February 2020
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Whether you've always wanted to enter the world of rental real estate or are just hoping to add to your current portfolio, you may be considering a real estate owned (REO) property. During the Great Recession, many banks found it tough to sell foreclosed homes for enough to cover their investment—providing many investors an opportunity to snatch up a potentially valuable property at a garage-sale price. But with the stock market at all-time highs, do REO properties still make sense? Read More 

3 Smart Moves To Make When Investing In Residential Property

9 January 2020
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When it comes to growing your money, investing in real estate is one of the best ways to make long-term money on your investment. When it comes to starting to invest in real estate, residential properties are the way that most people start investing in real estate, in large part because most people are semi-familiar with how to take care of and purchase a residential property. Make Sure You Have a Down Payment Read More 

A Landlord’s Responsibilities When It Comes To Making Repairs

26 December 2019
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If you are the owner of rental properties and manage them yourself, you will have a lot of different responsibilities as the landlord of the properties you own, including making repairs when needed. Repairs are a normal part of rental properties, and there are several important things you should know as a landlord relating to repairs. Your tenants should have clear methods for requesting repairs First of all, it is very important to offer several different methods that your tenants can use when they would like to request repairs for their units, and you could list these in the lease. Read More 

Ridding Your Home Of Cockroaches And Keeping It That Way

13 December 2019
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Cockroaches can infest your home to the point there are visible signs of cockroach droppings, cockroach skins that have been shed, and an unusual odor in your home. Once you suspect that cockroaches are in your home, roach control begins with a call to your pest control services. While some homeowners try to rid their home of roaches, this requires a methodical approach that is best done by a professional. You will want to remove any food and water source, find where the cockroaches are sheltering, and work to eradicate the roaches once they are located. Read More