Tips for Prepping Your Home to Sell When on a Budget

7 August 2017
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog

Looking to sell your home means making it as appealing to buyers as possible. If you are on a low budget, this can be a challenge. The following are key areas to focus on to help your home sell quickly--without dropping a lot of money on it.

Tip #1: Clear it out

Clutter is the number one thing that will turn off a buyer. Before listing your home, go through and clear out all the clutter you don't plan to move with you. Then pull out and box up all highly personal items, such as family photographs, as well as the majority of your knick knacks and decorator items. Finish up by removing excess furniture so all the rooms feel more open and roomy. You can store boxes in a storage unit, or in the garage if a unit isn't in the budget.

Tip #2: Use the power of paint

If things seem a little dingy or dated, a fresh coat of paint is an excellent way to brighten things up without a major expenditure. The entrance, living room, and master bedroom are the key rooms to paint if you can't do the whole house, along with any areas where the paint is damaged or especially dingy. Opt for a light neutral tone, since this will brighten the space and the color will be appealing to most people.

Tip #3: Clean the floors

You may not be able to have the hardwood refinished or the carpet replaced, but you can make it look better. For hard flooring, including wood and tile, a professional steam cleaning is a budget-friendly option that makes the floors look much better. As for carpet, definitely invest in a professional cleaning, or at a minimum rent the equipment and do it yourself.

Tip #4: Ramp up the curb appeal

Outdoors, cleanliness is your main goal on a limited budget. Rent a pressure washer and clean bricks and masonry, as well as all paved areas. Then make sure the lawn is trimmed and edged. If there are flower beds, you can make them look nicer just by weeding them and applying a thin layer of fresh mulch. Any peeling paint, such as on window trim or on a deck, should also be scraped and repainted.

Fixing up your home to sell on a budget isn't difficult or expensive, but you will have to do most of the work yourself. Talk with a real estate agent for more help.