Ridding Your Home Of Cockroaches And Keeping It That Way

13 December 2019
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Cockroaches can infest your home to the point there are visible signs of cockroach droppings, cockroach skins that have been shed, and an unusual odor in your home. Once you suspect that cockroaches are in your home, roach control begins with a call to your pest control services. While some homeowners try to rid their home of roaches, this requires a methodical approach that is best done by a professional. You will want to remove any food and water source, find where the cockroaches are sheltering, and work to eradicate the roaches once they are located. At-home remedies are not as effective as the pest control services a professional is going to provide.

Clean Your Home Thoroughly

Roaches roam your home in search of food, water, and shelter. A dripping pipe can be enough water for roaches to congregate, while a dish of dry pet food left out for your dog or cat is enough food to feed a roach infestation. Take the time to clean your home thoroughly, removing any crumbs and looking for sources of water. While a deep cleaning won't rid your home completely of roaches, it will help to prevent a breeding ground for the infestation to grow.

Call a Professional for Help

A professional pest control service will know how to find the source of your roach infestation. While you can try looking in crevices, below your bathroom toilet, or in the basement, searching for cockroaches is not a top priority for most homeowners. If you notice shed skins or roach droppings, allow a professional to come and figure out where your cockroaches are living. Roaches will hide behind your refrigerator, in cabinet creases, under your sink, and in closets. As they are nocturnal, they are going to be more active and visible at night.

Setting Out Roach Strips

You can try roach glue strips if you have a strong idea where your roaches are living and you want to try to control the population. Roach glue strips in high roach traffic areas will catch roaches on the strip. If you are not interested in cleaning up this mess if you catch a bunch of roaches, get a pest control service in your home instead.

Roach control services will find the problem and work to eliminate the roach infestation in your home. Once the roaches are gone, preventative measures such as closing off any entry points should be used to avoid a future infestation.