Call The Right Retirement Golf Community Home: Where To Start

26 May 2021
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog

A stay in a golf community can be more than a vacation; it can also be the place you call home. Master-planned retirement golf communities offer many of the same luxuries and amenities typically associated with a vacation right from the comfort of your home neighborhood. However, as you might imagine, not every community or property is the same. Therefore, it is important to have a plan and to be informed about exactly what you are looking for to purchase your piece of paradise.

Public vs. Private

Speak with a community sales representative to find out if the golf course and other amenities are public or private. Some of these retirement communities open up the amenities to the public for a fee. With this style of community, you can expect more foot traffic on the course and at the country club, so if you want a more exclusive type of setting, find out this information as soon as possible. 

Ownership Structure

Typically, these communities are master planned by developers. Sometimes, these developers permanently maintain ownership of the community, and in other instances, they turn over ownership to the residents after a certain amount of time. The primary difference between these two structures is cost. In some instances, developer-owned communities have lower maintenance fees than resident-owned communities.

Surrounding Area Amenities

It is nice to have a wide range of amenities available on-site, but it is even better when you have easy access to grocery stores, medical offices, dining, and other services nearby. Not only do the amenities in the surrounding area impact your convenience, they can also help increase the resale value of the property should you ever decide to sell in the future. Make sure you do research both in and outside of the community.

Homeowners Association Presence

Ideally, purchasing a home in a retirement golf community with a homeowner's association is the better option. While there is a fee associated with this option, an HOA will work to maintain community standards, protect your property value, and implement and sustain important community features, such as security services. As a result, you have a better living experience and an attractive, comfortable, and safer place to call home, which is very important. 

You worked hard to be able to call a retirement golf community your home. Make sure you do your research and consider partnering with someone who can assist you with the process.