First-Time Commercial Investors: Do You Need A Real Estate Agent?

18 July 2022
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog

If this is the first time you plan to purchase and/or invest in a piece of commercial real estate property, you may wonder if you should do it yourself or hire someone else to help you. A commercial real estate agent can ensure you receive a fair price for the property you plan to purchase. Learn more about commercial real estate agents and why you need an agent below.

What Does a Commercial Real Estate Agent Do? 

A commercial real estate agent, or broker, is an individual who helps buyers and sellers complete complex real estate transactions inside and outside their communities. An agent generally receives their credentials from a real estate school. The school teaches agents how to negotiate prices, manage properties or leases, and complete complex transactions for their clients. When used effectively, an agent can help you obtain properties without overspending your budget.

A broker can also assist you with your advertising campaigns. Many investors advertise their services online, through billboards, and other media. An agent can find the best place to market your services. An agent may also have access to online real estate sites that allow investors to find and purchase properties from sellers. The online sites generally offer access to buildings and properties you can't find elsewhere on the market.

If you think a commercial real estate professional can make it easier for you to invest in your first property, contact an agent today.

How Can a Commercial Real Estate Agent Help?

After you contact a broker, they'll go over their fees and prices for overseeing your investments. Most agents receive commissions from their clients after they sell or lease property for them. An agent will generally tell you how much they charge for services before they work with you. You can accept an agent's current fees, or you can ask them to reconsider their fees. 

If you choose to accept an agent's fees and enter a contract with them, they'll look over the commercial property you plan to purchase. If the seller's current price or offer for the property is considerably higher than it should be, an agent will inform you about it immediately. A broker can negotiate the property's price until you find it acceptable to you. 

A broker can discuss everything else you need to know about purchasing your first property after you meet or speak with them.

Learn how you can purchase or invest in your first property by contacting a commercial real estate agency, such as The Olson Group, today.