A Few Changes To Make Your Home Luxurious

13 June 2016
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog

If you want to have a luxury home but do not want to go through the hassle of packing everything up and moving, consider remodeling your current place instead. While it used to be that it took a lot of land to have what is considered a luxury home, things have changed. Here are a few ways you can upgrade your place without having to buy the lot next door.

Build Up

If you are going for more space, build up. You can add a story or two to your current home to make the space you need for all the new luxury items you plan on having. In addition, making the ceilings higher will also make a smaller home more luxurious.

Open Up

When having more actual living space is not an issue, you can create the look and feel of roominess by getting rid of a few walls. Instead of having a separate kitchen, living, and dining room, turn it into one big space. When the wall is weight-bearing you can either remove it and put in columns, or cut large "windows" in it to allow for a more open feel.


Having a luxury home is not just about the space, it is about what is in the house. The idea is to make living there easy and convenient. A few items you might have put in the kitchen include warming drawers, a refrigerator for wine, and plenty of storage space with a walk-in pantry. Make sure all the appliances are of commercial quality and that you have all the latest gadgets. Another luxury is having the home completely automated. Be able to lock doors and windows, turn on and off a security system, preheat the oven, change the thermostat settings, and use the entertainment system from anywhere with Internet access.


Even if you have used all the land for your home, you need to have someplace outside to entertain. Perhaps you could have a rooftop Zen garden with a nice sitting area or a large deck off the second-floor game room with a hot tub and such. You will want to have these situated so you can enjoy a nice view; don't have it overlooking a parking lot.

You do not have to have a huge piece of land with a sprawling mansion to have a luxury home. If you are not sure of what can be done, talk to a home builder to see what ideas he or she has.

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