Three Things You Didn't Know Your Locksmith Could Do

13 September 2016
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Many people think locksmiths only make keys and open locked doors. However, commercial locksmiths offer a variety of services that help keep your business secure and compliant with state and federal laws. Here are three things you may not realize a locksmith can do for you.

Install Emergency Door Hardware

Building codes in all states typically require businesses to have emergency exits that let the people in the facility quickly escape fire, flooding, and other catastrophes. In addition to that, the laws usually regulate how the doors must function (e.g. automatically close) and require them to adhere to ADA standards to accommodate people with disabilities.

While your building contractor may install the actual door, a locksmith can put in the operating hardware so the door functions like it's supposed to. This means you can essentially turn any door in your business into an emergency exit, which can help you save money. Additionally, a locksmith can ensure the right type of lock is installed so you don't accidentally expose your business to theft or burglary. For instance, the locksmith could make it so the door automatically locks, so you don't have to worry about doing it when an emergency occurs.

Install, Repair, and Open Safes

Another thing many people don't realize locksmiths can do is install, repair, and open safes. According to FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency), 40 percent of businesses don't recover after a disaster. Installing a disaster-proof safe on the property to hold cash and important papers (e.g. insurance documents) can increase the odds you'll be able to weather catastrophes life may throw your way.

A locksmith can help you choose the best type of safe for your business. For instance, businesses that deal primarily with cash may want to install deposit boxes where employees can drop in excess cash throughout the day to minimize financial losses during robberies. Businesses located in flood-prone areas may want to get waterproof safes that will keep essential documents dry.

In addition to that, locksmiths can also open and rekey safes. If you lose the key or combination to a safe, a locksmith can help you access its contents fast. Be aware, though, that not all safes may be eligible for this service. If the safe is old or you don't know what's inside, the professional may decline to open it for you out of safety concerns. Sometimes really old or antique safes are booby trapped or contain dangerous items, and the locksmith may not want to risk being injured trying to open them.

Prevent Keys from Being Duplicated

A third thing a locksmith can help you with is preventing keys from being duplicated. It's a myth that putting "Do Not Duplicate" on your key will stop someone from making a copy. This is because there are no laws regulating DND keys. Though some locksmiths won't copy keys with this engraving on them based on principle, others will. Additionally, DND keys can typically be duplicated using electronic machines or through online services.

The only types of keys that cannot be easily duplicated are registered or restricted keys. Though typically more expensive and time consuming to use, this is the best way to secure critical keys. The lock and keysets are registered to a specific company, and keys can only be made through locksmiths who are associated with or approved to make keys for that company.

For instance, keys for a lock registered to ABC Manufacturer can only be made by locksmiths affiliated with ABC Manufacturer. This is because the locksmith must order key templates directly from the company to make copies, and only those approved by the lock maker can receive them. This ensures that only you can get copies of important keys, increasing security at your business.

Locksmiths provide other services that can benefit your company greatly. Contact a local locksmith at a company like Southern California Security Centers to learn more.