How Video Streaming Platforms Can Help You With Your DIY Home Renovations

21 April 2017
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog

Monkey see, monkey do; is that not how it goes? People find that they are more capable of doing something big when they see how someone else has already done the same thing. That said, here is how a YouTube home renovation video can help you tackle your big DIY home renovation projects.

Watch a Few Videos in Their Entirety

Some contractors post videos on how to do a project. (These are the best videos on home projects to watch because they are done by experts.) Yet, every contractor might do it in a slightly different way. Take kitchen cupboards as an example. Some contractors may gut the kitchen while providing supports for the countertops and then install all of the cabinets, upper and lower, at the same time. Other contractors may show you how to replace the upper cabinets first, then replace the lower cabinets so that the old lower cabinets can provide extra support during the installation of the upper cabinets.

Watch enough technique and approach videos to get a good idea of how you want to do your project. Make sure you watch the videos in their entirety so you do not miss anything. If you have to pause a video, rewind a few seconds and watch again to maintain continuity of thought.

Take Lots of Notes

As you watch the videos, write down the URLs in case you want to reference them again later. Under each video title and URL, take notes on the steps presented for the particular DIY project you want to do. Again, using kitchen cabinet remodel as an example, you want to take notes on how each video and the professionals in the videos manage the removal of old cabinets and the installation of the new cabinets. The notes will help you remember what transgressed in each video and how you want to proceed with your project. Circle or asterisk notes that apply to your project and/or steps you do not want to forget or miss doing.

Cue up These Videos Right Before You Start Your Project

As you begin your project, cue up the videos you thought were most helpful to you. You can do this via a laptop or tablet. Set your device on a table out of the way of your project. You are now able to reference the videos as needed while you work on your DIY home renovation project!