Four Quirky Tips To Help Sell Your Home Faster

13 May 2017
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog

If you're thinking of selling your home, then you've probably already heard a lot of the classic advice -- from decluttering to fixing up the exterior. However, there are many other things you can do to spruce up your home and make it more appealing to buyers. Here are four quirky tips that will help your home sell faster.

Keep the closets half full.

Storage is a major concern among home buyers. They're always worried they won't have enough. Closets that are packed full will subliminally suggest to the buyer that your home won't have enough storage. But empty the closets out entirely, and buyers may walk away because they have trouble judging just how much storage space there is. The best strategy is to ensure each closet is about halfway full. This suggests that you have plenty of storage space to spare, making your home more appealing to buyers. Stash the extra items in a storage unit or at a friend's house.

Add extra light.

Nobody wants a dark and dreary home. Plus, dim lighting makes it harder to see the details of your decor. To maximize buyer potential, switch all of your light bulbs to higher-wattage ones. Plug in every lamp available, and also make sure you open the drapes or blinds to let more natural light shine in. If possible, try to schedule your open houses and important showings on days when it is sunny outside. All of this light will make your home seem cleaner and more spacious.

Replace hardware in the kitchen and bath.

You don't have to put thousands into expensive remodeling projects to make the place look brand new. For just a few dollars, you can replace the hardware on your kitchen and bathroom cupboards and drawers. The shiny new hardware will make the whole space feel more modern, suggesting to buyers that you've been great about keeping the home updated -- even if there are some other details that aren't as new.

Get rid of personal items.

While having the walls and shelves decorated will make the home more appealing to buyers, you need to be careful of the decorations you choose. Buyers like to picture themselves and their families in the homes they visit. If all of your decorations are very personal, like photos of your family and pets, they'll have a hard time picturing themselves in the home. So, get rid of overly personal decorations and replace them with generic ones.

Talk with your real estate agents for more advice about sale preparation.