Reasons You May Like A Place With A Homeowners Association

28 July 2017
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog

When you imagine your perfect home, you may not look past the actual house and yard. However, when it comes to really determining what will make that right place, there are other considerations. You may want to think about going with a home that has a homeowners association. Many people think only condo's and townhomes are located in communities with an HOA. However, you can also find many kinds of neighborhoods with them that are made up of all types of homes. They tend to be gated communities, golf course communities, etc. You can learn about some of the reasons why neighborhoods with HOAs can be a good fit in this article:

HOAs help a community offer a controlled environment 

When you move into a regular neighborhood you can end up with all types of problems with your neighbors. You may find that you have a neighbor who keeps their dog outside where it barks all day long. You may also find that a number of your neighbors like to allow huge piles of trash and/or junk collect in clear view of the street, so you have to see piles of junk every time you pass by. When there is a homeowners association in place, there will be rules and regulations also in place. Those who live in the community will need to abide by these rules or suffer consequences.

HOAs have security measures in place

Most homeowners associations have security measures in place to help keep the neighborhood as safe as possible.  A lot of them have gates that are installed around the entire neighborhood. Others will have hired security guards that will patrol the area to help cut down on potential problems. Most make sure they have other features in place, such as security cameras in common areas, motion sensing lights and other security measures. They are also commonly known for holding security awareness meetings for residents and posting bulletins warning residents of anything that has gone on in the neighborhood they should be aware of.

HOAs can help you with neighborhood issues

When you live in a regular neighborhood you can have a very hard time getting help with certain problems, unless someone is breaking the law and you can report it to the police. However, when you are in a neighborhood with a homeowners association, then you can go to a meeting and have your voice heard.