Organize Current And Upcoming Repairs At The Apartment Complex That You Own And Manage

4 August 2017
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog

If you currently own and manage a small apartment complex and provide tenants with a service that allows them to receive emergency maintenance repairs at any time of the day or night, the following advice will help you organize current and upcoming projects. As a result, individuals needs will be met in a timely manner and you will not become overwhelmed with the amount of work that you are faced with.

Keep Supplies On Hand And Take Notes

Purchase plenty of supplies to fix standard items inside of each apartment unit, including batteries, tools, tape, glue, paint, and paintbrushes. When a tenant calls or stops by your office to notify you of a problem that they are experiencing inside of their rental unit or on the property that you manage, take detailed notes concerning the issue at hand. Include information about how long the problem has been occurring, possible causes of the current situation, and tools and materials that will be needed to resolve the issue.

If the situation places a tenant in danger and needs to be handled immediately, gather up supplies and head out to fix the issue. If you are pressed for time, referring to the notebook will help you retain your focus while making a repair.

Receive Training And Hire Workers

Participate in training sessions that will prepare you to repair basic plumbing, electrical, or structural problems. Do not attempt to repair anythin that you have no knowlede of. Instead, hire a full-time maintenance person and make arrangements with licensed contractors to have items repaired after hours if needed.

Provide the maintenance worker with a cellphone or two-way radio so that you can contact them when you are in need of their help. Ask licensed contractors, including an electrician, builder, and plumber, if they could provide you with a discount if you are going to be in need of their services on a regular basis. Make sure that you have a current phone number that you can reach  each of the contractors at to receive help with an issue at the apartment complex.

Prepare A Spreadsheet 

Use a large piece of paper to prepare a spreadsheet or print a copy of a template that you have found online to create a spreadsheet. Fill in tenants names, dates that units have been inspected, and upcoming projects on the spreadsheet. Number the units to classify the importance of upcoming projects. For instance, if a repair in a unit needs to be made before repairs in other units, label it with a one and other repairs that are not as crucial with a higher number. Use this number system to determine each day's workload.