Three Tips For Selling A Newly Constructed Home

30 August 2017
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog

Perhaps you planned to move to a new town, arranged to have a home built, and then changed your plans. Or maybe you stumbled upon a a great deal on land and had a house built with the sole intention of selling it. In either case, selling a new home is a bit different than selling a home that has been lived in for years. Here are some tips to keep in mind as you work on selling your newly constructed home.

Don't under-price the home.

When you sell a lived-in home, you usually arrive at a price by looking at comparable home in the area and seeing what they are selling for. But this strategy is harder to employ when selling a new construction home since there are not as many comparable homes. This leads many people to under-price their new homes. Not only will you then earn less for your home, but you may miss out on offers from certain buyers who are only shopping for homes in a certain price range and assume those priced lower are not up to their standards. When in doubt, raise your price. If your home is not worth that much, the interested buyers will make lower offers -- which you can choose to accept if you wish.

Advertise Heavily

Especially if the home is still being finished, people may not realize it is actually for sale. So, you need to get out there and advertise. Don't just rely on local real estate sites. Post pictures and descriptions of the home on professional networking sites, websites that cater to those moving into the area, and on your own social media pages. Use targeted keywords like "move-in ready" and "brand new construction" so that people who search for these terms see your home.

Make Sure Walk-Throughs Are Available

Often, potential buyers need to see a brand new home in order to appreciate just how clean, pristine, and lovely new construction can be. So, you need to make sure you're always available for a walk-through when someone wishes to have one. This can be a bit tough if you live out of town or are in the process of moving, so consider hiring a friend to meet up with interested parties and walk through the home with them. If you put off a walk-though for too long, the buyers may pass up your house and find another one.