What Can Event Security Do For Your Next Gathering?

1 December 2019
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When you're planning an event, unforeseen danger is the last thing you want to worry about. Fortunately, event security services are available to keep you and your guests safe, so you don't have to be concerned. Here are four services an event security team can provide at your next party or gathering:

1. Check bags for prohibited items

In order to keep everyone safe at your event, you may decide to ban certain items. Banning weapons is an excellent precaution to take for any event where there will be a large number of people. Likewise, you may want to ban alcohol at events that will include minors. Banning outside alcohol can serve an additional purpose if you're serving drinks at the event since it will encourage people to purchase drinks from vendors. Event security staff can check people's bags as they enter, which will keep prohibited items from being brought into your event.

2. Prevent filming

At events that feature performances and music, you or the talent may wish to prevent people from filming the show. You should post notices alerting people that photography and videotaping are not allowed, but you might need to enforce these rules. Security personnel can ensure everyone follows your event policies. They can ask people to stop filming if they see anyone with their phone or camera pointed at the stage; if people refuse to comply, your security staff can ask them to leave.

3. Ensure everyone is of legal age

Some events are designed for guests aged 21 and up to keep minors from consuming alcohol illegally. In order to ensure everyone is of legal age, someone will need to check the IDs of guests as they arrive. Your event security team is perfect for this job. As people enter, they can ask to see photo ID to make sure no one is a minor. For events with mixed age groups, security staff can use stamps or wristbands to differentiate people who are of legal drinking age.

4. Eject unruly guests

Ideally, everyone at your gathering would behave properly. However, people sometimes have too much to drink and start to act out of character. In order to preserve the peace at your event, these people should be kicked out as discreetly and peacefully as possible. Event security staff are trained to handle situations like these. A security staff member can speak to the person who is causing a problem and ask them to leave before they disrupt other people.