Selling Your Home? Here's How To Draw In More Buyers

20 October 2020
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog

Gone are the days when a seller would put a house on the market and just hope to have one interested buyer. These days, the market is hot. There are lots of buyers out there, and you want to get multiple offers on your house so that the buyers can bid against each other and drive the price up. So how do you go about ensuring there's plenty of buyer interest when you want to sell your home? Take a look:

Create unbeatable curb appeal.

You might assume that the inside of the house is more important than the outside, but actually, the opposite is true. If the exterior of your home is breathtaking, more people will venture inside and take a look around, and more of those people will be interested in buying. Many buyers want a home that not only is easy to live in, but also makes it look like they are poised and well-off. Curb appeal creates that. 

If your home exterior is lacking, hire a landscaping company to come fix it up. Perfectly groomed flower beds, a couple of nice trees, and freshly power-washed driveways will really attract buyers.

Host an ultra-special open house.

An open house is great for generating interest in a home. If open-house attendees see that the open house is busy and that others are interested in the home, they are more likely to make an offer themselves. Make sure the open house is unique and memorable. Serve refreshments, play relaxing music, and have your real estate agent give each visitor a personalized tour of the space. If visitors genuinely enjoy the time they spend in your home, they will want to extend that feeling by actually buying the house.

List the home a little below market value.

First, hire a real estate agent and an appraiser to get a good idea of what your home is really worth. Then, price it just a hair below that value. For instance, if you find that the home is worth $200,000, list it for $195,000. Interested buyers will see the low price and jump at the deal. If several of them do the same thing, they will then end up in a bidding war, and you'll end up getting more than the fair market value simply because someone wasn't willing to lose the home over a few thousand dollars.

With the tips above, you can generate a lot of interest in your home and get several great offers. Good luck!