Reasons To Engage A Commercial Real Estate Appraiser

1 September 2021
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog

As a commercial real estate investor, you should partner with a property valuation professional who ensures value via appraisal before you invest in or sell a commercial property.

A commercial real estate appraiser simplifies your investment transitions so you don't feel overwhelmed by the decisions you should make or regret anything down the road. This article will highlight reasons why you should conduct commercial property appraisals before every transaction.

Clarify Property Tax Value

Since the world is so fast-paced, it's hard to stay at the cutting edge of everything. So, while you're a real estate investor, you're better off engaging an appraiser concerning your property's tax value rather than relying on your own knowledge.

You shouldn't have to pay more property tax than is required when you work with a professional who specializes in tax valuation methodologies to give you accurate figures. Besides, relying on your knowledge might land you in trouble with the IRS.

Outsourcing to professionals who carry out transactions as part of a larger negotiation ensures that everything works harmoniously to provide successful investment endeavors.

Streamline Lending Proceedings

The rationale behind commercial real estate appraisals is to establish what a property is worth in the current market. But this process also plays an essential role in underwriting. Lenders rely on commercial property appraisals to determine the creditworthiness of clients.

So, for instance, if you apply for financing to get the funds required to invest in a commercial property, the lending company will use the property's market value to determine how much they can safely lend you. The idea is to:

  • Not lend you more than your property is worth
  • Ascertain that you're a genuine client
  • Establish that the property's selling price matches its market value
  • Confirm that the property in question isn't susceptible to damage due to natural disasters

So, to expedite lending proceedings for your investments, you should approach a qualified lending company ready with a comprehensive property appraisal report. If your application ticks all their boxes, the lending company can proceed to finance you.

Establish Realistic Investment Goals

Partnering with an experienced appraiser ensures that you always get a professional opinion on the value of the properties in your portfolio and those that you'd like to invest in. This knowledge enables you to go into investing knowing exactly what to expect.

Since property appraisal is about numbers, when you're working with accurate calculations, you're able to set realistic investment goals. Knowledge makes you a rational and level-headed investor who enjoys peace of mind knowing that your goals are achievable.

Now that you understand the purpose of property appraisal, don't hesitate to partner with a trusted commercial real estate appraiser who will guide your every investment move. Contact a commercial real estate appraiser for more information.