3 Tips To Find Enough Storage In A One-Bedroom Apartment Rental

28 April 2022
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When you decide to rent a place, you can look at various property types to satisfy your needs. Townhomes and single-family homes will give you all the storage you need. However, you might want to rent an apartment instead for a few specific advantages and benefits.

A one-bedroom apartment is what you may plan to prioritize because it will give you the essentials, including your own bedroom. Your main concern may revolve around getting enough storage. Luckily, you can follow tips while apartment hunting to find a suitable unit.

Square Footage

While most one-bedroom apartments will be smaller than townhomes, houses, and multi-bedroom apartments, you can still find one with ample square footage. The important part is to look at square footage in apartment rental listings and prioritize ones on the higher side.

An extra one hundred or two hundred square feet can make a huge difference in giving you enough storage. You can set up furniture that provides ample storage. An excellent example is fitting a clothing rack, oversized dresser, bed bench, and vanity inside a large bedroom.

Further analysis is worth considering because you may want the additional square footage to go into a certain room or space. For instance, a large living room may appeal to you more than a huge bedroom because you might want to heavily furnish and decorate the space.


While every apartment has cabinets, you can prioritize listings with more cabinets and even those with larger cabinets. A kitchen with cabinets that stretch to the ceiling and even floor-to-ceiling cabinets in certain areas can help you maximize storage capacity in a one-bedroom apartment. 

The bathroom is another space where you will find cabinets. Some bathrooms use a pedestal sink without much or any storage, while others have a full vanity with cabinets and drawers. To get the most bathroom storage, you need to go beyond analyzing square footage alone.


An easy place to get reliable storage is from closets. Ideally, you want to find an apartment with multiple closets and even a walk-in closet in the bedroom. Some units will have a built-in closet organization system with rods and shelves you can use to maximize storage capacity. For units with a patio or balcony, you can find outside closets that provide storage for durable items.

Use some or all these tips to find a one-bedroom apartment with enough storage to meet your needs. 

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