Wondering If You Are Ready To Purchase Your First Home? Use This Checklist To Be Sure

21 December 2016
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If the lure of owning a home is one that you can no longer ignore and you often find yourself poring over all the homes for sale in your local newspaper, it may be time to seriously consider becoming a first-time homeowner. But even though the urge is strong, you may still be wondering if you are really ready to take on the responsibilities that come with home ownership. Maybe you are concerned that you have missed an important step that could lead to failure. Read More 

Should You Seek Help From A Real Estate Agent Or Buy Your Home Alone ? The Advantages Of Each & Which Is Best For You

5 December 2016
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Real estate agents have been around for centuries, and before modern technology was invented, they used to write down their clients' information and information about homes for sale and gather in person to exchange information and match home buyers with sellers. Today, modern technology—especially the internet—allows real estate listings to be shared freely, and this leaves many people wondering if they really need a real estate agent to help them purchase a home at all. Read More 

5 Steps To Cleaning Your Wood Floors After A Flood

1 November 2016
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If your home has recently flooded, and you have wood floors, obviously you want to do everything you can to save them. Leaving too much water behind can encourage the growth of mold and mildew as well as lead to cupping and buckling of your floors. Once this happens, they have to be replaced altogether. There are a few special steps involved in cleaning wood floors after a flood, but it's fairly simple when you know what to do. Read More 

Carpet Steam Cleaning Myths Debunked

13 October 2016
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If you have tough stains ingrained in your carpet and you find that the stains will not release with regular cleaning, then it may be wise to invest in a professional carpet cleaning service. Most carpet cleaning businesses will offer steam cleaning, which may be needed to release stains. Unfortunately, you may not quite understand how steam cleaning works since there are many misconceptions about the process. Keep reading to learn about a few common misconceptions and why they are not true. Read More 

3 Things To Discuss With Your Realtor Before Looking At Homes For Sale

15 September 2016
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Before you go out and look at homes with your realtor, it is important that you have sat down with them and discussed the specifics of exactly what you are looking for. This saves a great deal of time for both of you because your realtor won't waste time showing you homes that don't meet your needs and wants and you won't have to waste your time looking at them. In order to refine the search, there are a few different things that you are going to need to discuss with your realtor. Read More